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Viva Resistance!

My lazy butt finally watched the new episode of V just in time for tonight’s, and thankfully the show looks to be shaping up. Shaping up in that I wasn’t bored to death and shit actually happened! Good shit!

For one, Erica was attacked in her house by the lizard man who shot her friend, but she stabbed him and smashed his head with a frying pan. She then enlists the help of a terrorist in order to overthrow the V’s and lead a resistance. The V’s used their wacky futuristic technology to frame him for the warehouse explosion, so he’s kind of pissed about that. Oh, and Erica’s son Tyler is being brainwashed by Anna and her creepy blond daughter, because the daughter has some destiny to fulfill, and it probably involves Tyler’s nubile teen body.

Ryan, aka big black lizard renegade, is dealing with his girlfriend’s pregnancy. But the silly goose doesn’t know she’s pregnant with an ALIEN baby. So of course she finds it weird that at only six weeks she’s eating like a horse, feeling the baby kick, and has cravings for dead mice. Gross, yet awesome.

Anna is all pissy that Chad suggested the V’s were behind the warehouse explosion on the news, so she blackmails him with free health care into running a positive news story about the healing centers. And she also has his brain aneurysm cured, just like that. Anna also gets shit done by having weird ritual sex with the leader of her new army to take down the Fifth Column in order to give birth to warriors. Or something. In the end she bears some killer fangs and devours the poor guy who impregnated her. Yikes!

Best line of the night goes to Erica: “I don’t care whatt lines I cross in order to blast that bitch (Anna) out of the sky”


Return Dates- Flashforward and V

February is half over, and we are inching ever so closely to the return of two more shows that have been in hiatus so long I can hardly remember where we left off!

Flashforward– Returns March 18. No doubt we will be treated to more red herrings and sequences about what happened during the blackout and how the future will play out is gonna be dragged on to hell and back. Hopefully the writing has gotten better, that’s all I have to say.

V– Returns March 30. This show better get its shit together and end the season with a bang because so far this alien invasion tale has been slow moving and boring. Time to bring it, show!

V on Vacation

Tonight is the fall finale of V, and it won’t be back until March. Which kind of sucks because even though the show has been kind of a let down and the audience numbers are falling each episode, it’s still decently entertaining. And besides, what in the heck am I gonna watch on Tuesdays until it returns? Melrose Place? I hope that the 3 month long hiatus doesn’t doom the show for good. ABC better really start cranking out the show promos once it’s time for new episodes. See you next year, you crazy lizard-aliens.

Invasion of the Ratings Snatchers

V_series_screnncap-thumb-550x331-18237V, the television show about aliens trying to make it in society while keeping their sadistic plan under wraps, dropped 29% in ratings (KyleStyletm). The premiere had a groovy 14 million and this week it’s down to around 10 million. Still good, but I hope it improves soon. Even though the second episode dragged towards the third act, it was still fun and the next two are supposed to kick ass. I wonder when the V’s start eating rodents?

V Spot

93507_preview-new-abc-drama-vThe V’s have arrived, and it took a little bit of episode time, but it kind of kicked ass. I was surprised by how much plot had happened before the events of this episode took place.  Like how the V’s landing was the final part of their plot and how they have already been infiltrating with their scary lizard people for a while.

All in all, that idea coupled with the fact that some of the lizard people have revolted to defend humans and how in love with the V’s Earth became adds up to a pretty terrifying premise. Plus, Anna is cute as a button but she is one mean bitch. She also knows how to manipulate the media, or in this case a cute if slightly worn looking Scott Wolf. It’s about time he did something good again.

In the weeks to come look forward to more Earthlings to be revealed as evil lizards, Juliet from Lost running around being skeptical, and hopefully some inter-galactic love making. Fingers crossed!

The Aliens Have Landed


The day we have waited for is finally here, kiddies. V arrives on Tuesday, and we only get four episodes until hiatus so keep up! It’ll only be a matter of time before the lizard people try and take over. Muahaha.