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A unicorn had sex with Jesus, resulting in the Lady Gaga featuring Beyonce music video for “Telephone.” I could go on and on about how much I love this video, but I’ll say two words: Pussy wagon.


Lady Gaga On Oprah

Lady Gaga is going to be on Oprah this Friday! Maybe she’ll sing, maybe she’ll dance, but she’ll definitely wear some ridiculous outfit. I just hope she doesn’t wear any stupid head gear like she did when she visited Ellen a while back.

No Kiss for You

So everyone is making a huge freaking deal about Barbara Walters showing Lady Gaga’s girl on girl kiss and not Adam Lambert’s guy on guy kiss during her 10 people of 2009 special. Personally, I have no problem. This is probably because of my sheer disdain for Glambert and my ever growing love for Gaga. Some are up in arms because they claim the network’s action was anti-gay, but really, maybe the network is just anti-fame whore. I would rather see Gaga read the phone book than Adam Lambert do anything. So whatever, this is a stupid issue and needs to be forgotten. Adam Lambert isn’t going anywhere and just because they didn’t show him kissing that ugly bald dude doesn’t mean we can’t still watch it on YouTube.

The Bitch Is Back

melrose-place-amanda-woodwardThis week, Heather Locklear finally turns up on Melrose Place as the classic bitch Amanda Woodward. Hopefully it’s not a watered down role, much like this entire reboot has been.  From the previews it looks like she’s kicking some ass, mainly Ella’s. Here’s hoping Ella takes a page from Amanda’s book.

In the more immediate future, Lady Gaga is appearing on Gossip Girl Monday. I wonder what she’ll be wearing.

Bad Romance

Lady Gaga keeps getting crazier and crazier. It’s a fun ride if I do say so myself.