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So I finally got around to watching the newest episode of Flashforward, and boy howdy has the show made some stellar improvements. Not only did they explain a crap load of questions and plot points, and have a soaring body count, but the writing has gotten better! Did y’all hear me, the writing has gotten better! The episode also featured Billy from Ally McBeal. I hated Billy and the character of the religious zealot he portrayed, but it was a cool sighting nonetheless. And I am now officially crushing on Dominic Monaghan, because he kicked all kinds of ass in the 2 hour premiere all while wearing a trench that I coveted throughout. I have some raised hopes for this show, but my hopes for V still remain in the gutter. We’ll find out Thursday, when those wacky lizard super models return.


Return Dates- Flashforward and V

February is half over, and we are inching ever so closely to the return of two more shows that have been in hiatus so long I can hardly remember where we left off!

Flashforward– Returns March 18. No doubt we will be treated to more red herrings and sequences about what happened during the blackout and how the future will play out is gonna be dragged on to hell and back. Hopefully the writing has gotten better, that’s all I have to say.

V– Returns March 30. This show better get its shit together and end the season with a bang because so far this alien invasion tale has been slow moving and boring. Time to bring it, show!

Gone In A Flash

First V, now Flashforward is taking its winter break until March 2010. Damn you, ABC! I know I should check these things before watching episodes but i honestly didn’t have a clue hiatus was starting now until Dominic Monohan told me during the previews for next year. And the show was starting to suck less! Wait, I guess that’s the point of sweeps and hiatus. But for real real, even Melrose Place and Gossip Girl have another episode left. What am I supposed to do now?

In the fall finale we learn that the blackout was caused by Simcoe and Simon’s little science project, Mark finally gets canned after taking a suspect hostage at gunpoint and pissing of Wedeck to no end, and Dem finds out he is going to be murdered by Mark himself. So lots of good plot movement, but now we will have to wait and see what happens in March. Enjoy your Christmas vacation, show.