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I Love A Parade

I went to the St. Patrick’s Day parade in downtown Columbus yesterday. The weather was sunny and warm, and made better by the spirit of the day. Parades are excellent because all you do is stand there, get free candy, and hear marching bands and watch floats. I love parades but St. Patrick’s parade put my love for parade season in high gear. Now there are more to look forward to- Memorial Day, 4th of July, Pride, and whatever else I’m forgetting. I have no clue why I’m suddenly filled with all sorts of parade cheer, there must be something about a community uniting for something good instead of something tragic that sets my heart a flutter.



Yesterday a friend and I went to get coffee with another friend. When we got there the guy we were meeting already arrived and he was catching up with his childhood friend, Ron, whom he hadn’t seen in twenty years. Ron was in the military, air force branch or something like that. He had his 9 year old son with him as well, who was cute and nice, drinking a frozen mocha.

They were talking about many topics, and then schooling came up. Ron then asked where his son wanted to go to school, and my friend asked Texas? OSU? The kid didn’t know yet, because he’s 9. Ron looked at his son and said, “Your college is already paid for so go anywhere you want.” Damn G.I. bills! I instantly hated the 9 year old, and even more so later that evening as I was on the phone hounding college loan sharks for forbearance.


The weather in Columbus this week has vastly improved from the snowy hell we’ve been enduring since January. Temperatures are climbing the mid-fifties, the sky is blue, sun is shining, and snow is melting. Being a white person, I of course busted out the flip flops as soon as conditions bettered. But one thing I neglected to consider about this glorious weather was the rain that would soon follow. And with the rain comes the worms. I have always hated worms, but this year my hate has become a full on phobia.

My first encounter was walking to my car after work last week. It was dark, had rained that day, and I of course was wearing flip flops. I happened to look down and in the shadows on the sidewalk I saw the horrible creatures. Different sizes, some wriggling around, and all that was separating them from my bare feet was a thin piece of rubber. I wanted to sprint to the car, but for fear of stepping on one, I walked cautiously, which only prolonged my agony. I also had to keep looking down so avoid them, meaning I saw every single one. I finally got to my car and hyperventilated.

A couple of nights ago I saw the nasty things again, this time I was walking to the beverage mart a few blocks from my apartment, once again wearing sandals. And once again I felt Indiana Jones in the snake pit. What’s worse about the worms is that in the shadows, everything looks like one, and the only way to tell the difference between a worm and a stick is to note which one moves. Very nauseating. Next time I’ll ride my bike to beverage mart.

Format Change

For all of the five people who sometimes read this blog, I am enacting changes to format. No longer can my humble little spot on the interwebs be sustained by television and movies alone. I am a busy boy, and sometimes the time to watch television and movies escapes me. What does not escape me however is actual life and my own opinions and experiences. So assuming anyone cares, categories have been nixed and narrowed down, and in conjunction with what I watch on television, I shall post about other crap too. Let’s see how this goes.