Pandora Out of The Box

Last night my living room experienced political upset in the form of Pandora’s elimination from RuPaul’s Drag Race. We have inevitably come to the portion of the competition where everyone is pretty awesome and whoever goes will be missed. Kind of. Over the past few weeks I have loved Tatiana and Raven. But lately Tatiana’s bratty charm has worn thin and her drag game has suffered. She should have been kicked off last week but for some reason she still remains to lip sync another day.

Raven on the other hand has been rocking it hard ever since she was in the bottom two twice in a row. Her hatred for Tatiana has gotten stronger with each week and it’s nothing short of great. She has quickly become my favorite with one exception: Jujubee. Jujubee is flat out the funniest one of the group and the drag persona is equally sassy and bitchy. Last night she looked her best with her shorter hair and giant zebra earrings, but sadly she chose some ugly short hair do for her drag mother and was placed in the bottom two. She lip synced, danced, and wowed the judges resulting in Pandora’s elimination and lots of tears. And I bet my bottom dollar either Jujubee or Raven wins the whole damn thing.

Oh yeah, and Tyra Sanchez still exists. Tyra falls under that category of awesome at what she does but is a terrible human being. I’m torn because she chooses great outfits and hair styles and has a lot of drag talent, but I just want that awful person off my screen pronto.


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